Fluffy Pancakes

Photo: Allrecipes, Photographer: Kris

Yup, you got me, I took this recipe from All Recipes again! I just love looking at the reviews of their recipes and seeing such good results. If a recipe gets five starts, I have to try it. This recipe caught my eye when I was browsing pancake recipes, so I tried it with one of my friends. They were really easy to make, and had only ingredients that anyone would normally have! They, like the title, were so fluffy and delicious; my friend’s family was very impressed!


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Hello there,

I have a desire for baking desserts, and on this blog, I will be grateful to share some of my favorite recipes with you. Please, please email me at mostlydesserts@live.ca for really anything; sharing recipes or cooking websites, asking questions, giving feedback on my blog, or just trying to get to know me better. I will post all recipes I think deserve to be shared with the rest of the world, anytime I find one (which, hopefully, will be on a regular basis). Please tell your friends and family about my blog if you liked it. Feel free to try the recipes I post here too! I guarantee you’ll love them, and if not, well… I’m sorry for you :). Thanks!

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