Starbucks Lemon Poppyseed Bread

When I tried the lemon poppyseed bread at Starbucks, I fell in love. It was so good, and I’ve inspired a lot of my friends to try it too! We all love it, so after a few times buying it, I realized I could simply make it. I searched for recipes online, and came up with the same recipe over and over again… So it must be the real copy! I made it and in literally one day, it was completely gone. Even my step-dad, who hates lemon desserts, loved it. It’s super soft and fluffy (which I like, so that proves that it’s even better than the one at Starbucks – that one isn’t fluffy), moist and delicious. It’s lemony – but not too lemony. The sides have more of a lemon taste than the middle, so that’s my favorite part. It’s much cheaper to make it to buy it, too! Like I said, I found many of the same recipe, but I got this exact one (and the picture) from Starbucks Restaurant At Home’s website!


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Ferrero Rocher Nutella Cupcakes

Photo: Lick The Bowl Good

I think the title speaks for itself; pure, absolute indulgence. The idea of making them came from a friend of my dad, so I found the recipe online at – a great site for TONS of dessert recipes. The cupcakes are so chocolatey and rich; it is impossible not to take a bite out of one. I adore nutella, so when I found the recipe, I got extremely excited to test it out. It only has 3 ingredients! Topped with a cute decorative ferrero rocher, these cupcakes will have all your guests asking for the recipe!


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Key Lime Pie: The Only One I’ll Make

Picture: AllRecipes

This is absolutely my favourite key lime pie recipe. I tried making the pie only once before, but it didn’t turn out so good. So a few days ago, I was at my friend’s cottage and her parents wanted her to make their favourite pie; key lime pie. Since I love baking, I volunteered to help out. It was one of the simplest, easiest recipes to do. Just mix a few ingredients, pour it in a crust, bake it and refrigerate! It tastes limey, rich and smooth, and it doesn’t fall like mush; it stays perfectly in place when cutting it. Feel free to add an extra lemon piece on top!


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Easy Lemon Squares

Easy Lemon Squares

These squares are, obviously, lemony, but the filling is also very rich, luscious and creamy. They are quite easy to make. I got the recipe from my step mom, who got it from a cooking book. It is a wonderful dessert for any time of the year! You know what, I think I am going to make them tomorrow for a nice treat for my family :].


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The Great Pumpkin Cake

The Great Pumpkin Cake

I got this yummy recipe from an amazing cooking website, It’s great for halloween which is coming up soon and is fun because you can personalize it any way you’d like! All you need is the right pan, a cake mix, (or your own cake recipe) and a few simple ingredients!


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Cooking Substitutions


I thought you might want to know some substitutions for ingredients you don’t have. I got most of these from Debbie Mumm’s Recipe Keeper, a great book for keeping recipes and learning tips about cooking.


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Hello there,

I have a desire for baking desserts, and on this blog, I will be grateful to share some of my favorite recipes with you. Please, please email me at for really anything; sharing recipes or cooking websites, asking questions, giving feedback on my blog, or just trying to get to know me better. I will post all recipes I think deserve to be shared with the rest of the world, anytime I find one (which, hopefully, will be on a regular basis). Please tell your friends and family about my blog if you liked it. Feel free to try the recipes I post here too! I guarantee you’ll love them, and if not, well… I’m sorry for you :). Thanks!

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