Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread

Photo: Kraft

This cinnamon creation is one of my favourite fast breakfast recipes provided by Kraft. Father’s day is coming very quickly, so I suggest this for a homemade, beautiful and yummy breakfast (perhaps a breakfast in bed!). I might just make this for my dad on the 17th! I’m sure you and your father will love this easy, delicious bread like I did.



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Healthy Homemade Apple Sauce

Healthy Homemade Apple Sauce

My step-mother taught me how to make this apple sauce. It is scrumptious; delicious! Great for Autumn; a yummy after school snack. Add cinnamon to give it a yummy, sweet touch.

Picture from Making This Home


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Moist Apple Pie

Moist Apple Pie

I come home about twice every Autumn to the fresh, amazing smell of home made apple pie that my mother makes, and I usually help out with. You can make it crunchy and crisp or soft; however you would like it! Bring it to an upcoming potluck orĀ  make it as a halloween treat! This pie is good and festive enough for any occasion. I use my pastry recipe for it, but feel free to use your own!

Picture from Mairedubhtx


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