Starbucks Lemon Poppyseed Bread

When I tried the lemon poppyseed bread at Starbucks, I fell in love. It was so good, and I’ve inspired a lot of my friends to try it too! We all love it, so after a few times buying it, I realized I could simply make it. I searched for recipes online, and came up with the same recipe over and over again… So it must be the real copy! I made it and in literally one day, it was completely gone. Even my step-dad, who hates lemon desserts, loved it. It’s super soft and fluffy (which I like, so that proves that it’s even better than the one at Starbucks – that one isn’t fluffy), moist and delicious. It’s lemony – but not too lemony. The sides have more of a lemon taste than the middle, so that’s my favorite part. It’s much cheaper to make it to buy it, too! Like I said, I found many of the same recipe, but I got this exact one (and the picture) from Starbucks Restaurant At Home’s website!


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Lemony Angel Food Cake

Photo: Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart always wows me with the best recipes in the world. It is a great recipe for Mother’s day, which is coming up in only a week! Whether you bake it for your mom or your family, either one will have a smile on their face while eating a piece of this fluffy, lemony, heavenly angel food cake.


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Orange Cake

Photo: Allrecipes, Photographer: “Mis7up”

The best cake I have ever tried, the best cake my mother has ever tried, the best cake my sister has ever tried… It’s a pretty good cake, don’t you think? I wasn’t going to try this recipe since I don’t really like ‘fruit’ cakes, but I took a risk after reading all the great reviews on it.¬†I got the¬†fabulous recipe from, where I find all of my best recipes. I made it about a month ago, and it tasted great; it was gone in only a few days! It is scrumptious, moist, perfect and smooth. The orange doesn’t overpower the whole cake, but you could taste a lot of it. I hope you love it like my family does!


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Bunny Cake

Picture: Kraft

Just in time for Easter, Kraft’s bunny cake will be a hit at your easter party! All you need is two cakes and a few decorations, and you’re ready to go! This cake is an easy to make dessert that will bring smiles to your guests’ faces. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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Healthy Carrot Cake

Healthy Carrot Cake

I got the recipe to this scrumptious, healthy and easy cake from my mother. This carrot cake is welcome at birthdays, parties and all special occasions. It tastes great with cream cheese frosting, so make sure to try out my recipe for it!

Picture from Carrot Cake Recipe


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The Great Pumpkin Cake

The Great Pumpkin Cake

I got this yummy recipe from an amazing cooking website, It’s great for halloween which is coming up soon and is fun because you can personalize it any way you’d like! All you need is the right pan, a cake mix, (or your own cake recipe) and a few simple ingredients!


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