MostlyDesserts is Back!

MostlyDesserts is back!

Sorry¬† I haven’t blogged much in a couple weeks, but don’t worry, recipes will be posted soon! I will try to blog at a very least amount of once a week. Thanks so much for subscribing and reading my blog!

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Hello there,

I have a desire for baking desserts, and on this blog, I will be grateful to share some of my favorite recipes with you. Please, please email me at for really anything; sharing recipes or cooking websites, asking questions, giving feedback on my blog, or just trying to get to know me better. I will post all recipes I think deserve to be shared with the rest of the world, anytime I find one (which, hopefully, will be on a regular basis). Please tell your friends and family about my blog if you liked it. Feel free to try the recipes I post here too! I guarantee you’ll love them, and if not, well… I’m sorry for you :). Thanks!

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