5 minute Brownie in a Mug


These 5 minute brownies will please any crowd. They taste great, and no one will believe they only took a couple of minutes to create. Add chocolate chips for a little extra flavour. The brownie may be very rich and heavy, so adding a topping like whipped cream or ice cream balances out the flavours. The recipe was altered from Squidoo, where you can find many different kinds of articles.


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Absolute Best Brownies

Photo: King Arthur Flour

These are absolutely the best brownies in the world. I got the recipe from my cousin, who is a very good baker. I was excited to try it since I couldn’t find any good brownie recipes that were just plain brownie; my two other favourite brownie recipes are Kraft’s cheesecake brownies and Cocoa brownies with mini chocolate chips, posted on my blog. They are very rich and decadent, and if you add some chocolate chips, it gives it an extra chocolate twist!


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Kraft’s Cheesecake Brownies

Kraft‘s Cheesecake Brownies

I made these brownies with my friend for us and her family about a month ago. They taste amazing. They’re not OK packaged stuff. They are fluffy, chocolatey and delicious.Try them out with friends, family, or whoever you’d like! I’m sure they’ll love them. Click here for the recipe on Kraft’s website.


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Cocoa Brownies with Mini Chocolate Chips

Cocoa Brownies with Mini Chocolate Chips

I definetely had to share the recipe for these brownies with you because they are now one of my favourites. They taste amazing and the mini chocolate chips don’t overload the brownies with chocolate, they just give them a little extra touch.  They came from Good Housekeeping’s Brownie book, which includes some of the best brownie recipes ever!


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