Easy Lemon Squares

Easy Lemon Squares

These squares are, obviously, lemony, but the filling is also very rich, luscious and creamy. They are quite easy to make. I got the recipe from my step mom, who got it from a cooking book. It is a wonderful dessert for any time of the year! You know what, I think I am going to make them tomorrow for a nice treat for my family :].


1 cup flour

1/2 cup butter

1/4 cup icing sugar

1 cup sugar

1/2 tsp. baking powder

2 eggs, beaten

6 tbsp. lemon juice


1. Heat oven to 350 degrees farenheit.

2. Mix flour, butter and icing sugar in small bowl. Press into an 8″ square pan, then bake for 20 minutes (this is the crust).

3. While crust is in the oven, mix sugar, baking powder, eggs and lemon juice in medium bowl.

4. Once the crust has baked for 20 minutes, remove from oven and pour lemon mixture over hot crust.

5. Put it back into the oven for 20 minutes more.

6. Cool and sprinkle with icing sugar.


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